The Top Seven Rules of Fishing
June 15, 2022

Generations have relied on fishing as a way of feeding. And now, it’s also a sport enjoyed by people of all ages. There are some unspoken rules of the water, and some of them are:

1. Stay out of other anglers’ way

There’ll always be people fishing, whether you’re on the dock, on your boat, or in any fishing-friendly place. And you can stay out of their way because there’s enough space to go around.

There’s enough space for everyone, so respect other anglers’ time and efforts. Otherwise, you may not just inconvenience them, but may also cross their line.

Just because another fisherman looks lucky enough to keep catching fish from one spot isn’t enough reason to get too close to them.

2. Stay as quiet as possible

You’ll feel excited about catching something, even if it’s not so large. But wait, don’t get excited or scream just yet.

Also, it’s best to turn off any loud noises when you’re trying to catch fish. This may include turning off your motor or another source of sound to avoid scaring the fish away. Pay attention to items that may alert the target of your presence.

And remember, you’re not the only one using the water – other people are also trying to catch fish and don’t want you scaring their targets away.

3. Leave no impact

Many anglers often overlook something as little as leaving no impact. And although most people enjoy fishing on their boats, it’s not uncommon to find anglers at docks, on the side of the lake, or general areas where fishing is permitted.

There are many places to fish, but it’s important to leave the least impact afterward. Clean every trace of your presence, and remove the lures, bait, and other physical traces of your presence.

4. Handle fish with care

Regardless of the reason you’re catching fish, it’s best to handle them with care and respect. Especially when you’re capturing and releasing, remember to always return the prey gently into the water. Tossing is a huge no.

And even if you’re taking your fish home for dinner, you can still treat it with respect.

5. Adhere to fish size regulations

Laws regulate angling in many states, and they must be followed when fishing. And while many people would like to catch fish for dinner, if your game isn’t as large as the designated size, you’re going to have to return it.

That’s to ensure that anglers don’t prey on fish that aren’t mature enough, to avoid the danger of extinction.

6. Be respectful when on a boat

Anglers often stay on their boats when fishing; it’s an effective way to catch fish. However, many things are expected of you, particularly your respect for other users. There’ll often be people swimming, sailing, or simply lounging around, and you don’t want to disturb them.

7. Obey the fish limit regulations

States also regulate the number of fish you can take home. And even if you catch a ton of fish, you cannot take them all if they exceed the stipulated number.