Nine Meal Prepping Tips for Newbies
June 1, 2022

There are many personal reasons for meal prepping, but the benefits are general. Ultimately, your health and wellness will be top-notch.

Commit to these meal prepping tips for better meal quality:

1. Cook what you enjoy

Just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean your taste buds are dead. So, yes, you need to cook meals that you’ll enjoy.

Many tasty foods will make you happy and healthy. And instead of eating the same thing all the time, we recommend trying a new recipe.

2. Make your meals freezer friendly

For foods that are tricky to cook, it may be best to prepare them in large batches. Instead of entirely missing out, make enough to last a week or two, and serve in microwaveable portions.

There’s almost nothing you cannot freeze, and you won’t be sacrificing quality, taste, and appearance in most cases.

3. Use enough spices

Even when you’re meal prepping to stay fit, there are many ways to improve the taste of your food naturally. Spices are also sources of nutrients, and they can also heighten the flavor of dishes. For instance, add some cinnamon to enhance the taste of roasted vegetables.

Additionally, some meals like chicken will taste bland when you use the same spices every time. But you can keep things sweet and zesty by mixing up different spices profiles.

4. Use pre-chopped and pre-washed veggies

Chopping veggies isn’t always fun or easy, and you skip this stage if you’re meal prepping a large batch. Instead, you can enjoy pre-chopped and pre-packaged veggies.

But if you cannot afford pre-packaged veggies, chop your supply ahead. That way, when you’re ready to prep, you won’t lose additional time to this chore.

5. Buy quality storage containers

Your food will retain its fresh taste and appearance when you store it in quality storage containers. This is also how to make it last longer and keep contaminants out.

Additionally, quality storage containers guarantee less risk of exposure to chemical leaching while heating food.

6. Use a slow cooker

There are many reasons you should consider a slow cooker for meal prepping. They allow hands-off cooking; you can even prepare your food at work or overnight.

You can also use a pressure cooker to enhance the taste and flavor of your food.

7. Divide your chores

Instead of prepping everything at once, we recommend doing things in batches. It is more efficient and makes you better organized.

For instance, you can prepare the veggies on a Monday, proteins on a Tuesday, and snacks on a Wednesday.

8. Use your leftovers well

There’s an easy way out with meal prepping. It involves using your leftovers from a breakfast meal to prepare your lunch.

This saves time and resources and prevents wastage.

Alternatively, you can also predetermine to prep breakfast and lunch options, leaving you enough time to cook dinner.

9. Multitask

You cannot avoid multitasking if you hope to save time while meal prepping. Organizing the prep meals by cook time works; for instance, you can roast vegetables in the same oven you’re roasting sweet potatoes. There are layers in the range, so there won’t be a mix-up of tastes and flavors.