Essential Fishing Gear for Beginners
June 1, 2022

Becoming skilled or advanced at a hobby takes time and practice. For this reason, a lot of people perceive fishing as an intimidating or difficult hobby to become proficient in. But an essential part of mastering the art of fishing is, starting.

Having the right fishing tools is crucial to enjoying your newfound hobby. Simple and easy-to-use tools take away the intimidation factor of fishing as a beginner. So, if you’re trying your hands out at fishing for the first time, here are a few essentials to check off your list:

1. Fishing Lines

You don’t need us to tell you that you need a fishing line. However, the lines come in many different strengths, materials, and colors. So, picking the right one to start can be a little nerve-racking.

Fishing lines come in three major types: fluorocarbon, monofilament, and braided lines -each with its purpose. Fluorocarbon lines are nearly invisible in water and can easily resist wearing. Monofilament lines are multi-purpose and very elastic, while braided lines are very thin and strong but lack elasticity.

As a beginner, the monofilament line is the best way to go. It’s the most durable and very useful for any fishing.

2. Hooks

Hooks are essential as they’re the part of your fishing gear that impales your bait in the mouth or clips onto the body. There are about twelve different types of hooks, including J-hooks, Circle hooks, Bait hooks, Jig, Treble hooks, etc. As a first-time fisherman, the circle hook is an ideal hook to get started with because they stick to the corner of the fish’s mouth and is very easy to remove.

However, the J-hook and bait hook are also very good as they are versatile hooks.

3. Bait

Whether worms, leeches, minnows, shads, or artificial bait, when picking out bait for the first time, you have to put a few things into consideration. Like, what the fish you’re hoping to catch eats, fishing regulations prohibiting the use of the type of bait you choose, and the kind of water you’re fishing in. Hence, fresh bait is best for freshwater fishing, while you can use either live or artificial bait for saltwater.

4. Fishing Rod and Reel

The rod and reel market is very vast, and as a beginner, it’s effortless to get lost in it. To make picking a rod easy, you must first determine what type of fishing you want to do. So, if you’re going into coarse fishing, you would like to go for a simple float rod with a 5lb reel. But if you’re trying out lure fishing, spinning rods are your best option.

As for reels, there are two major types, including baitcasting and spinning reels. Baitcasting reels are great for more extended fishing activities as they offer a good line capacity and strength. However, the spinning reel is the most recommended for beginners because they’re effortless to use.

5. Fishing License

You’ve probably not heard this before. But every state has its regulation regarding fishing licenses issued to prospective anglers. Before starting your fishing journey, ensure you get your fishing license and get familiar with the fishing guidelines.