Seven Ways to Effectively Remove Weeds
June 10, 2022

Every gardener has once struggled to keep weeds at bay. But these unwanted plants grow so fast that they’re back before you know it. And while getting rid of them permanently isn’t always easy, the following hacks will ensure efficiency:

1. Pull out by hand

One of the most common ways to get rid of weeds is to remove them with your hands. Uprooting once weekly will regulate the seedlings, but you must do it properly. For instance, wearing a glove will help ensure you don’t accidentally transfer the seeds to other areas in your garden.

Also, uproot from the stem’s base and carefully extract it from the soil with the root to kill its chances of springing back up after some days.

2. Use herbicides

Chemical herbicides are a safe option for eliminating weeds permanently, even though it’s not the safest option for the environment. There are many options to choose from, and their functions differ. For instance, the duration and potency may vary, so choose what’s most suitable for your plants.

But again, herbicides are dangerous to crops, soil, and users. So, adopt the proper safety procedures when using them.

3. Use apple cider vinegar

If you want to avoid using a chemical herbicide in your garden, consider spraying the weeds with apple cider vinegar. It has the ideal amount of acid to kill unwanted plants.

Dilute it and spray to ensure the penetration of the solution.

4. Apply cornmeal

Corn gluten meal also works to prevent weed overgrowth. It effectively reduces their ability to grow. Thanks to the nitrogen present in cornmeal, the shallow roots will be deprived of the atmosphere needed to develop.

However, there’s no way for this method to differentiate between wanted and unwanted plants, so make sure you apply it to weeds.

5. Add some salt

Salt can also be used to kill weeds, thanks to the high sodium level. Table salt will keep weed growth under control; simply sprinkle some in a weed-prone area and allow the rain to beat it into the soil.

However, this method kills all plants in the area, so you may be unable to plant for the next few months. Use this in extreme cases.

6. Smother them

Weeds will also be killed when they’re deprived of what they need to grow. There are eco-friendly liners that can use used for this, but you can also use shower curtains. Old newspapers work too, as long as you’re cutting off access to oxygen, moisture, and sunlight.

7. Mulch

A mulched garden prevents weed growth – they won’t even be able to germinate.

The seeds will be unable to penetrate the soil, and since they cannot derive nutrients and other materials needed for growth, they’ll die. And even if they manage to germinate, they won’t grow for long before they get suffocated.

And mulch is also good for the garden because it locks in moisture and encourages organic matter to break down for the creation of more nutrients.